SPECIEN Children Blanket with 3-D Living Cuddly Jungle Animals Friends





CHILDREN BLANKET with "3-D LIVING" ANIMALS being able to tell STORY through Free Download APP.

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Congratulations on purchasing this product! Our "living" blanket will make your family happy. Your children can cuddle with the blanket, use it as a game pad or enjoy the new feature "Augmented Reality" and meet our four jungle friends.

With this new technology "Augmented Reality", you can experience the stories interactively, as our Jungle Friends appear 3-dimensional on your smart phone or tablet. You just need to scan a Jungle Friends and the APP recognizes which animal it is and knows exactly what stories to tell you.

Ludwig the leopard, Eddie the elephant, Tuk Tuk of toucan and Alfons the monkey are ready for your children from morning to night and tell them little stories. Get to know the four friends together with your family and let your children experience the adventures of Jungle Friends closely.

Packing: Each pc packed with User Manual & Download / Install Instruction + a polybag wrapper of Animals Blanket, then packed into a mailer box (size of mailer box 36x36x7cm).

(1) Content:

1 x "Living" Cuddly Blanket

Fabric: Knitted 100% polyester 480g/m2;  Size: 100x140cm

(2) Unpacking: Remove the blanket from the box and remove the protective film.

(3) Install APP: To discover the full diversity of the blanket, you need a smart phone or tablet and the free APP, then the jungle friends can start their into action. The app is suitable for the operating systems Android (from version 4.03) and iOS (version 7). You can choose between 2 ways:

     A) Download APP directly from one of the stores listed below:

                                        Google Play / App Store

      Please type "Mini Heroes" in the search field and download the APP. You must install the APP and then open.

     B) Install APP via the following QR Code:

      If you have a QR Code scanner app on your device, you can scan the QR code. Hold your smart phone or tablet over the QR code printed on the User Manual & Download / Install Instruction, and wait until your device has detected it. Then you will be automatically redirected to the App in each store. Then you must install and open as described in point 3A.

(4) Telling Stories: After you have installed the APP as described in point 3 the APP starts and you will be greeted by the following start-up screen with jungle theme.

The App can be used via three buttons / functions: Please refer the User Manual for more function with detail description.

(5) Care instructions:
Wash care: The "living" Blanket can easily be cleaned in the washing machine at 40 °. Please wash blanket together with similar colors only. Allow drying the blanket on the air; it is not suitable for dryers.
Safety instructions: Polythene bag can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away the polybag wrapper away from babies and Children. Please keep the Consult a doctor immediately if small parts are swallowed.

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